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siFramo 100

Channel Adapter SA F 100


Interface element to enable a stiff and solid connection between the siFramo profile and strut channel of the international 41/41 mm standard. The 41/41 Channel Adapter SA F100 is equipped with automatically locking spring nuts which means that no accessories from the strut channel’s range are required in order to make the connection.


The Channel Adapter SA F100-41 requires 4 x Self Forming Screw FLS in order to be connected to the siFramo profile. The strut channel must be inserted with the slot first whilst pressing the two bolt’s heads triggering an automatic 90°-locking operation of the two channel spring nuts. The strut channel is now securely held and can be adjusted. Finally the two screws must be tightened with the appropriate torque for the strut channel used.

Technical Data

Dimension of base plate
Slotted holes
Round holes
SA F 100-41 210 x 100 x 8 20 x 11 14

Material: Steel, HCP

SA F 100-411.81 113081