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The RAL quality mark

A distinction for the highest standard

The RAL quality mark stands for continuous independent testing and verifiable quality in construction. The technical data of products with the quality mark is determined according to a uniform standard.

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The 'Pipe Support' quality mark

The 'Pipe Support' quality mark identifies the technical performance and quality of pipe clips, consoles, assembly rails and accessories that have been demonstrated in comprehensive independent testing. Products with the RAL quality mark are subject to the high demands in accordance with RAL-GZ 655 and must completely satisfy this strict standard.

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The 'Fire-tested pipe support' quality mark

The 'Fire-tested pipe support' quality mark is bestowed on products that meet the high demands on fire-tested pipe supports. This always entails a neutral, independent evaluation of the mechanical product properties in accordance with RAL-GZ 655 and the implementation and evaluation of fire testing according to RAL-GZ 656.

For assurance of a consistent product quality, our quality-tested pipe supports are also subject to period independent monitoring.

Whether you are planning, monitoring or carrying out a task, these advantages will convince you:

Advantages for the trade

  • Simple selection of the correct fastener
  • Reliable load-bearing capacity of fasteners
  • High safety based on independent testing
  • Practice-oriented, comparable manufacturer specifications
  • The certainty of installing quality products

Advantages for planners and architects

  • A reliable, technical set of rules
  • Identified packages facilitate installation inspections
  • Tested manufacturer specifications for products
  • Security in planning
  • Tendering of quality products

The RAL Quality Association for Pipe Supports is an international partner for the development of criteria for increased planning and application safety of pipe fasteners. For further information, visit