Together we build.

siklasicher. That is our promise.
For your success.

Since Sikla was founded in 1967, we have been committed to the principle: make it siklasicher.

siklasicher stands for:

  • Safe products
  • Safe planning
  • Safe supply and
  • A safe future

We want you, our customers, to always rely on us to feel siklasicher. siklasicher is our mission and our goal.

Only those solutions that have been thought through to the end are what we accept as good enough for our customers.

This is what drives us: providing you with the best results: from detailed planning and logistics to assembly, recycling and reuse of our modular solutions.
“Together we build’’ is a belief that we live every day. It is part of our DNA. Together we can achieve the best possible results. This is why our new slogan is:

Together we build. siklasicher.

Together with you, we want to shape the future.

Dieter Klauß, Isabel Mörtl, Patricia Grüner and Reiner Klauß

Hangers and supports – but proper ones

As one of the leading specialists in modular support systems, Sikla is a competent partner for the building construction, manufacturing, industrial plant construction and shipbuilding industries. Sikla products are used in more than 40 countries worldwide. We are represented in almost all European countries with our own company or through sales and distribution partners. The international group of companies employs around 750 people.

Safe products

siklasicher means
Safe Products

Our solutions play a significant role in your project, and we are aware of this responsibility. This is why we focus on non-compromising quality in all aspects of our products and systems.

Due to carefully crafted functionality, our customers receive a solution that is aligned with their needs. Anyone who has used Sikla products knows how simple our products are to assemble, how much time they save and how economical they are - with superior quality at that.

All our products are tested by independent testing and certification associations. Therefore, we guarantee our customers are absolutely siklasicher when choosing Sikla products for their project.