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Fixed Point MS w/ Lining


Soundproof Fixed Point construction for secure absorption of high mechanical loads resulting from Siaqua DSS Systems. Especially applicable for fixations according to DIN 4109.

Scope of delivery

Rohrschelle Stabil D-3G m.E. passend für die Dimensionen 40 bis 315 und die vormontierte Fixpunktadaption. Ab der Dimension 200 sind zwei Rohrschellen sowie zwei vormontierte Fixpunktadaptionen enthalten.


The entire fixed point module is put into the channel opening and locks automatically. While positioning the distances, the module is securely guided in the channel opening. Then hexagon bolts are tightened.

FP 40 MS m,E,0.451 602325
FP 50 MS m,E,0.471 602335
FP 56 MS m,E,0.481 602345
FP 63 MS m,E,0.491 602355
FP 75 MS m,E,0.581 602365
FP 90 MS m,E,0.601 602375
FP 110 MS m,E,0.661 602385
FP 125 MS m,E,0.691 602395
FP 160 MS m,E,1.211 602405
FP-N 200 MS m,E,3.681 600941
FP-N 250 MS m,E,4.061 600943
FP-N 315 MS m,E,4.761 600945