Pipe Connectors

SHARK-KR Connector


Connector for reliable connections of waste water pipes.

May be used in connection with copper pipes and/or
form pieces according to DIN EN 877/DIN 19522.
Functional, ready-to-mount single piece connector with seal bolts and integrated claws. Additional claws are no longer required.

Scope of delivery

Pre-assembled with gasket and locking screw M8.


Slip the ready-to-mount Pipe Connector over the pipe end up to the middle ring of the sealing sleeve. In order to slide on the pipe more easily, a sliding agent has to be applied to the sealing lips (soaps or dish liquid solutions, however, no oil or grease). Tighten the clamping bolts with a suitable tool (allen key 6mm) alternately in steps up to the torque as engraved in the Connector.
Re-check the tightening torque of the clamping bolts after installation.
Respect instruction manual!

Technical Data

All parts of the connector satisfy the DIBT standards
according to DIN EN 877/ DIN 19522.

Metal sheath:
Steel strap, Stainless steel
Rubber gasket:
Screws, Bolts and Locking elements:
Steel, high corrosion protected